Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Manali Himachael Predesh

Before last weekend the weather in Bir was not so good with low cloud base early in the morning so a decision was taken to take a five hour taxi ride around the next valley called the Kullu Valley leading to Manali and the Rohtang Pass.
As you see from the pictures below the views are stunning, flying at around 4250m some of the peaks over the back snow capped reach around 6000m. You really feel that you are in the womb of the mountains.

Looking at the landscape its like another world, a snow capped moon scape.

First climb of the day at around 4200m

The winding road of the Rohtang Pass billed as one of the most dangerous roads in the world, with hoards of Indian tourists heading to the top of the pass in taxi's to get a glimpse and feel of the fresh snow.


The view from the roof terrace of the cafe we went to every morning for breakfast, you could not ask for better views anywhere.  

Waiting at our accommodation on the day we were heading back to Bir. not bad for £2 per night.  and breakfast / dinner for 86 pence. Brilliant value if your going to spend a month or two over here. 

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